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Our company, produces a natural product that is FDA regulated up to harvest! Our CO2 extraction cycle is to assure we are providing you with the purest of CBD products. We offer a variety of natural relief supplements. We even offer pet friendly products so your furry friend gets the same relie.



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Personal Testimonies


Wayne Williams 

Seaford, DE

I’m currently in recovery from substance abuse, which stem from core mental health conditions including bipolar, depression, anxiety, and I suffered with pain. I began researching CBD around March 2018, and in August 2018 after reading many testimonies and the company’s documentation, I decided HEMPWORX was the best brand. I chose this specific company because of product quality,  transparency of their brand, and with only 

2-3 ingredient... I knew exactly what I was consuming! Not to mention they were the only company to offer a 60 Day Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee. I felt relief for the anxiety and depression within several minutes, and within a month was able to discard my Lithium Carbonate for my mental health. It’s now been 8 months since I began using CBD, and now I feel better, and live healthier all while using a natural supplement and replacing my prescription medications! Today I no longer live in pain, or suffer from mental breakdowns. Thanks HEMPWORX for giving me my life back!

January 24, 2019

Kristen Coughlin

Seaford, DE

Kristen is my sister-in-law, who frequently suffers from ocular migraines, at which most occurrences they become unbearable. She came to our home while suffering from one of these migraines and we treated her by giving her 10-drops of our 500mg full spectrum CBD oil. Within 40 minutes she contacted us excited to inform us that her migraine was gone! She is 32, and claimed that she has never found a remedy to give her relief, until she tried HEMPWORX CBD.


Cheri Kiser

Lewes, DE.

I met with Wayne and wife Breanna, and they introduced me to the 500mg full spectrum CBD, and Relief cream. I applied the topical salve (Relief) and took 10-12 drops of CBD oil. I have 4 slipped discs in my neck, and also get terrible migraines. I did this treatment at 11:00am and within 15 minutes I began feeling the relief. We finished our meeting and I immediately purchased 2 products before I left. I again contacted Wayne at 5:00pm the same day and still was pain free. This product is a miracle as I’ve suffered with these pains most my life, and nothing including prescription pain meds have given me relief. Thanks Wayne and Breanna for introducing to me CBD, and giving me relief.


Jen Noble

Hurlock, MD

I just wanted to thank you so much for my miracle bottle. A few years ago I lost my gall bladder, and since then I’ve developed awful acid reflux. I was taking medication daily just for relief. I’ve been using HEMPWORX for a weekish now, and haven’t had to take a single pill, haven’t felt bad or gotten sick once. I also suffer with anxiety and use medication for, but haven’t needed them as well. It’s been several days now and I haven’t had that constant, nagging, anxious feeling or any of the medicated side effects. My anti-anxiety made me sleepy and sluggish, but with the CBD oil ... I’m more alert and focused. Thank you again!!!


Gloria Purnell

Laurel, DE.

Well Wayne, since using my CBD I haven’t had to take my bipolar type-2 meds. Usually when I’m not using my medications, I have seizures. I haven’t had any of those either. I’ve also been taking the CBD at night to replace my seroquel, and I sleep better and wake up more energized to start my day. Since giving it to my son Z, he has shown improvement in his attitude and behavior at school. HEMPWORX has been a God sent for me. Thanks Wayne for turning me on to this life changing experience.


Nancy Robinson

Laurel, DE.

Thank you!! HEMPWORX CBD has completely changed my life. Not only has it worked for my (RA) pain, but I’ve even lost weight and my stomach issues no longer exist. I’m much happier! HEMPWORX is enabling me to be able to pursue a passion I’ve had all my LIFE!!!


Jason Rathell 

Baltimore, MD.

I trained 3-4 days weekly in MMA an BJJ for several years. I’m also in the gym weight trading at least 5 days a week. My body took quite the beating during those years. During this time I had a lingering knee injury which caused constant pain. After several MRI’S and X-Rays the cause for the pain was never identifiable. Our next option was exploratory surgery at which time the doctor found a hole in my cartilage. Although surgery gave me relief for about a year, the pain returned as bad as it previouslay was, but I just dealt with it. I heard about CBD about a year ago, but was very skeptical, so I waited for more research to be done before I decided to give it a shot. About 2 months ago I ordered from Wayne a 500mg bottle of HEMPWORX peppermint CBD oil, and slowly noticed less pain. I reordered, this time deciding to go with the 750mg bottle. All I can say is “ FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ABOUT 10 YEARS, I’VE BEEN PAIN FREE”

Definitely now a believer in CBD!!!


Lori Lituski

Hartly, DE

I have been taking this since January 2019... My anxiety is gone.. No more headaches.. Keeps me focused I sprained my wrist on a Friday night..Went to the ER on Saturday morning Dr said will have to see an orthopedic surgeon... Nope I keep the cream on my left wrist I gave myself a little more drops than usual and guess what NO Orthopedic surgeon and no pain medicine... Hemp WORKS .. BELIEVE THAT... I am proof. Take my bottle everywhere I go... Not to mention that I have been so busy with work and home I feel like doing something after work now. Thanks for Wayne he went out of his way to help me.... 

Thank you HEMPWORX....

February 25, 2019

Carrie Williams


I'm doing good! I will be ready within a week or 2 for another bottle of oil.

So here's what happened....

After taking my very first dose of the oil, within 20 minutes I felt totally relaxed. A type of relaxation that I haven't felt for awile.

Yep! I was hooked on just that fact.

I guess due to the OIL part of it, my 'bathroom" habits have become very regular.

(Not unmanageable, but no constipation)

I began the oil directly after a surgery. Can't tell if it's the oil or it's because I have had the surgery to relieve my pain, but my pain is very minimal. I believe it is mainly the oil that is helping me. One thing is for sure, I like what the oil is doing to be body, therefore I'm going to continue it.

I am struggling with the stigma of it being a drug. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings when it comes to Hemp oil.

This is no different than extracting oils from many plants and herbs. But because its associated with Marijuana, then it must be bad....right?

Not so!


Dana Zornes 

Baltimore, MD

Hey! Things are well. Loving the oil! My alertness is through the roof. Cognitive functions are completely in full effect. Also a sense of calming as well. I’m only taking 10 drops a day 5 in the am and 5 in the pm. Planning to up after a couple of weeks. My wife is loving it as well.





Biggest question


Will this product work? Can I benefit from this product?

The answer is we offer a product like no other so everybody benefits and finds RELIEF. We provide documentation, personal testimonies, to comfort you while you consult your physician or do your personal research  to assure this life changing experience is right for you!

HEMPWORX, and Our Daily Choice

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Are you tired of nagging aches and pain? Are chronic ailments  holding you back from enjoying a healthier, more productive life? Anxiety, depression, and mood disorders keeping you clammy and feeling alone. Or sleeplessness keeping you up all night? 


Find relief with HEMPWORX CBD! Just look at us... we once suffered, now we are enjoying life with a nutritional supplement we’ve added as part of our daily choice!



What excites us about this company and our brand, HEMPWORX??? Our products are produced locally in the US. All our HEMPWORX products are Non-GMO, organic and FDA monitored on our Kentucky farm. Our salve, topicals, and CBD Products generate a sense of relief, while you enjoy life using an all natural supplement.




You can try all our CBD and HEMPWORX products RISK-FREE! We guarantee our product will help you find relief... 

that’s why we  offer a

60 Day Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee!

This offer can not be matched by any of our competitors. That’s why we RANK #1 in the CBD Industry.

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